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persian kittty I befriended. :3

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  2. strawberry-unicorns answered: willow! she is adorable!:))
  3. astral-farts answered: awwh, two cuties. name her Pandora!! or PAWDORA lol
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  5. wonderthingsandastronauts said: Willow
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    Willow dude! Most deffinatly:)
  7. torinichole15 said: Willow (:
  8. karmanistic said: Awwww <3 I vote for willow
  9. archangelgabi answered: She seems to have a cold and an eye infection…very cute though!
  10. gravygod said: pandora! shes soooooo cute!
  11. methslut answered: WILLLOW. last night i met someone named wendle, and i’m completely in love with the name.
  12. whoarenenisuot answered: névoa
  13. clingtothesound answered: Pandora!
  14. ourbravenewworld said: THE CUTEST CAT EVER
  15. magicpotatoez answered: aw willow is cute
  16. ne0ndreams answered: oh my goodness she is perfect
  17. ethereyna answered: willow is nice. i would name her Eon if she were mine :3
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